Monday, May 14, 2012

Walking Alone....

Sometimes I feel like I'm in this thing all by myself.  Well, in a way I am.  God said that we all have to stand on our own when it comes down to being judged.  God will only ask us the questions that we can only answer. When its time to give an account for every action, every look, every word, and every thought, God and you know the results.  I just want to be in that number.  In that number that is following Christ. I just want to be able to look at My Jesus and he turn and says to me "Well done my Good and Faithful servant, well done." Those are the words I look for and the person who I am listening to, to give them to me.  No one can love me like Jesus.  No one.  I want to be real with him and real with my brothers and sisters.  I may be the only bible, the only word, the only Jesus some people see or hear.  So I want to make sure to the best of my ability that it is coming out truthfully and with love. So Lord give me strength and give me discipline to represent you well.

Friday, May 4, 2012

OMG!! What Just Happened??

I am still full from last month.  I really dont know where to start. Okay, lets start with I didnt add the fact that I spoke at a Mother and Daughter Day Conference in Austin.  That was a tremendous blessing.  The women and their daughter were all ears.  I had to speak on the Seed of Faith.  That is something that I could talk about for days.  The month of April was such a growth month for me.  My spiritual life has hit a new plato.  I was involved in classes again at my church that is helping me with my spiritual disciplines and when I tell you they have came in handy.  I had a friend to get sick and the power of prayer is WOW!! She has made a full recovery but that experience has changed my life forever.  Sometimes you think you are doing okay until God says, "Now its time to grow a little more."  Well, as long as I got the Lord on my side, I can do it.  Continue your prayers for me as I grow steady in the Lord.

The New Hair Cut!

The New Hair Cut!
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