Thursday, April 29, 2010

Gaining Weight because of STEROIDS???

Okay, I was noticing some swelling around the ankles and fingers but didn't really think anything.  Then I started to notice the thighs and my over sized head.  Yes, I said my head.  I was swelling.  It looked like I was gaining water weight everywhere.  I suddenly couldn't put on my jeans and the shoes and rings were too tight.  I said to myself what is going on?? Is it the chemo or what??  So at the next chemo session I asked to speak with my doctor.  He told me "Oh yes Mona Lisa, we have been giving you 10 mil. of steroids everyday before the chemo so you wouldn't get nausea.  I told my doctor I never suffered from nausea from chemo injections.  He said really??  Well then, lets take you off of it then.  Thank Goodness!!  So yes, now I am off the steroids and looking like Serena Williams with a bald head.  Praise God for the Body he made for me.  Cause I am still FINE!!  LOL!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


At times when we think we are going down the right street, the signs seem to be saying all the right things, and the wind is blowing through your hair or less of it in my case.  You are really thinking you are doing the right thing...well this weekend was one of those moments when all my right intentions ended up being something that took me back a few steps. People it doesn't pay to get off track.  Whether that be emotionally, physically, or spiritually. And the great thing about it will know because your strength is gone, you are tired, and you are worn out.  That means you weren't working in God's Strength were working in your own strength.  So, Lord thank you for putting me back on track.  I Love You for that.  Okay now....Focus!!

Monday, April 26, 2010


Adjustments happen all the time.  You have to be flexible, you have to go with the flow, you have to change according to the "End Times"...well sometimes you have to adjust the adjustments.  This last week I was going through the Chemo sessions like a champ and all of the sudden this weekend hit me like a tone of bricks.  I had a heartburn or gas sent from Satan himself from the pits of HELL.  I couldn't go to sleep but in 2 hour increments.  I was so tired and sore it didn't make any sense.  Elijah my 17 year old's prom was Saturday night so I went by his house to take pictures of him and his date.  I was feeling good at that time then out of the blue....I ate a sandwich that had almost everything on it but the kitchen sink....... hit the floor of my stomach and left me moaning and groaning all night Saturday and almost all day Sunday.  This weekend I had to seriously pray my way through.  Thank God his mercy and grace is renewed everyday.

Friday, April 23, 2010


It has been a while since I have been able to write on the computer.  The computer ended up getting a virus and I have been locked out for about a week.  You know it is so funny how life happens.  You can get a virus or some type of struggle in your life that just might derail you for a minute but you always have to get back on the saddle.  This week I have been going through my consolidation stage of this stage of the process.  I have been blessed and highly favored by God to be not even weak and tired afterward. God makes sure you have everything you need for you to do what you have to do.  Thank God for that!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

More Tests....

Today I had to go to the hospital to take some tests.  The tests were for Blood, Heart, and Lungs.  They were called....lab work, MUGA SCAN, and EKG.  It tired me out a little.  Maybe because I didnt have a chance to eat or maybe because it was early in the morning.  Whatever it was it got me a little tired.  I decided a long time ago to trust GOD no matter what tests I take.  I love and trust God for who he is... not just for what he does.  God has delivered me out of too many situations, this being one of them.  I am just following orders to confirm the MIRACLE!!!.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sometimes you just have to wait....

Sometimes you just have to wait on God.  You make plans for the future hoping that you will be able to complete them but the plans have to match up with God.  God says in his word that HE knows the plans for your life.  He is the author of your fate.  The minister of your soul.  My plans are to do what God has me to do. I set out to do some things last year on my own and now since I am surrendering to him its just becoming lighter for me.  I dont have to stress about whether its going to work because it is...God said it.  I will be completely successful in him.  My final word is not man's..... it's God's.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Always Stay On Your Toes..

Always stay on your toes.  You never know when someone is going to need you.  Someone might need to be uplifted.  Someone might need to be encouraged.  Someone might just need a shoulder to cry on.  Always be ready.  The enemy stays ready.  He loves to catch us slippin.  God tells us to be ready in season and out of season.  We are made to praise and serve.  Dont forget what you are put on this earth to do.  God we should!  You Fill In THE BLANKS!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Day of Fun and Play..

This was a day of sun and fun.  Me and my LiL one went to at least 3 different parks today.  We were riding in the wind.  Where ever the tide flowed, we were there.  We looked to the left saw a park and pulled in. We left there and rode a little bit.  Looked to the right and saw a park and pulled in.  Boy, did we have fun.  Today was a good day.  God is everywhere and in everything.  The wind in the trees, the sun in the sky, the chuckle in your laugh.  Try and spend some time just admiring what is around you.  It is a beautiful feeling.

The New Hair Cut!

The New Hair Cut!
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