Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cant Argue With GOD..

I cant really be upset or mad when God shows me what I ask for.  He is only answering my prayers.  Isn't that what I want him to do? Or is it good when he only answers the good ones?  God answers all prayers.  Even when you ask for it because you don't know how he is going to help you with strength.  Even if you ask for patience....oh boy that's a big one.  Watch or should I say listen for what you pray for.  Sometimes we think that it is going to come in OUR WAY of thinking but know this....GOD has His own way of thinking.  He knows every hair on your head.  He knows the plans that he has for you.  You can always put in your request but just know that He is going to first perform his word and then do what is best for you.....regardless on how that may make you feel.  Overall I must say this....GOD is GOOD ALL THE know the rest. ALL THE TIME GOD IS GOOD.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Bug in the House!!!

Yep you guessed it...the weather is changing and the bug was TRYING to get me and the little one down but no way Jose!  The little one couldn't keep anything down for a whole day.  It had me sort of worried until I just had to stop and think a moment.  MonaLisa you know what to do.  You have been here at least 3 times before.  Handling colds is what you do.  So, I stopped and thought to myself, what did I use to do to make the kids and the hubby feel better when they were sick.  I made some vegetable soup and hot tea.  Yep, folks that did it! It knocked the bug right out of here.  Now, for the icing on the cake...Yep, you guessed it again....JESUS! I said a prayer for me and the little one and went to sleep.  When we woke up, we were as good as new.  Thank God for the best medicine ever.....JESUS!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


PRAISE GOD!!! I got to see another day and on top of that...I got to see my birthday.  What a year so far. I have been on the top of the mountain and I have been in the valley but overall all....I AM BLESSED!! God has granted me with favor that is beyond my understanding.  He has blessed my with a purpose that beyond my imagination.  He is truly amazing.  I am so grateful and humble all at the same time.  I am 39 years old and I feel great! After all what I have been through...God continues to give me energy, strength and wisdom to complete my everyday tasks.  I love him so much.  GOD thank you for placing people in my life that has helped me and hurt me because at the time I didn't understand it but now I know that really and truly all things.....and I do mean ALL THINGS works out for those who love YOU and I KNOW I LOVE YOU.  BE Blessed readers or bloggers and continue to stay encouraged.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Class Reunion Time!!!

I cant believe it has been 20 years since I've been in High School.  Man, I had fun with my friends.  People looked different and some people looked the same.  It was just great seeing everyone. I was determined to see a close friend of mine named Brandi Shelton. She was one of my best friends in high school. We were both cheerleaders and we were partners in crime....literally. But needless to say, I saw her the second day of the reunion and it was a blessing from GOD.  You see Brandi has breast cancer and it has now spread to her brain. Brandi has always been a fighter so, I was determined to give her a little encouragement before I came back home.  I told her that she will be fine.  I know what you are thinking.... but hear me out.....She Will Be Fine.  Regardless on the circumstances....GOD is still good and He is still sovereign.  His Mercy endures forever. He has the master plan for all our lives so the best thing we can do is love our neighbor and give back. That is what Christ did for the 32 years he was on earth.  We cant ever ask for anything else.  God has given us all we NEED.  Thank you GOD! Bless Brandi and her family and take care of them like only you know how.

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The New Hair Cut!
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