Monday, June 18, 2012

And The Count Down Begins....

Hello my bloggin friends!! So, the count down begins now.  I am so excited and looking forward to this Sunday.  This Sunday is the Harvest and I am the one to bring God's holy word!! Yahoo!! This message was sent from God and its time that we start standing up for what the word of God says. We are set up to stand out and be counted.  Praise God for his word.  The word will be coming forth out of I Corinthians.  The passage is about Paul telling the Corinthians to follow him as he follows Christ.  We must all follow Christ.  So lets not be weary in doing good.  Stay on track.  Keep pressing to mark of a higher calling.  So as I press, I need you guys to continue to pray.  Be blessed in the Lord.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Easy Does It....

Hello bloggers!! I am coming to you today to announce yet another speaking engagement coming up for me.  I will be preaching at The Harvest for the second time.  This time I feel like I am more spiritually and mentally prepared then the first.  I guess that all goes with time.  Time heals all things including the shakes. :-) I pray that I will be a blessing to all that hear God's word.  I will be coming out of I Corinth. when Paul was telling the people of Israel to follow him as he follows Christ. In this walk we have to be better stewards as well as representatives of God. So I pray that God continues to show me the errors of my ways so I can continue to correct them according to his word. I promise I will come back to tell you all what happened but between that time and this time Pray for Me!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Can I Follow You???

Hello Friends!! I have been really busy these last couple of months but that doesnt mean I cant drop a few lines to let you know how Im doing. Its really been heavy on my heart about being who God wants me to be.  The last time I wrote on the blog, I was feeling a little isolated.  No friends to talk to about what I was going through.  No family to understand that its not just about them sometimes.  I could be going through something too and sometimes it gets heavy ...even for me.  A lot of times people see you and they think she is strong she will be alright and in reality you need prayer too.  So I am asking you as I continue to walk in the manner in which God has called that I continue to represent HIM well.  I take pride (the good kind) in who I speak for and who I consider my inner circle.  I love them enough to let them know whatever and I hope they love me enough to do the same.  So you guys be safe out there and remember nobody can Love you like God.....Nobody!

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The New Hair Cut!
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