Friday, February 18, 2011

Its Harvest Time!!

Its Harvest TIME!! Spring time is right around the corner and the harvest is ripe for the picking.  Tell somebody how much you love JESUS and ask them do they know him.  Offer yourselves up for the cause. I was asked where I see myself in 5 years and I had to honestly pause for a minute. I couldn't see anything past last year more less five but a person has to have goals, right? Well, here it is...I see myself following Christ in a major way and seeking out lost souls and help bring them to Christ.  My ministry, I see, strengthening on a day to day basis.  I see my calling on my life being administered in a mighty way whether that's by word of mouth or witnessing all over the world.  The internet is a powerful thing.  So, I plan on telling my story and putting it on video like a documentary to be coupled up with my ministry to let people know how GOD is good and he is real.  He can do major things in your life.  He can use set backs and backwards thinking to benefit you in a major way. Your 4 days doesn't have to turn into 40 years if you submit...repent...and pray.  Ask God to heal your land...and he will.  Praise God for his mercy and his grace.....Get READY PEOPLE ITS HARVEST TIME!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

He loves me....He loves me not.....HE LOVES ME!!!

I know...I know...Valentines Day is coming up and a lot of people celebrate the one they love on this day with roses or flowers or some sort of gesture. Well, believe it or not, GOD shows us he loves us everyday. He shows us by putting up with our stupidity and with our faults on a day to day basis.  TRUE love looks beyond your faults.  TRUE love is patient and kind.  But I am sure you know all these things,  right? The Bible tells us all the great things that LOVE IS. I am almost positive that you can fill in the blanks about what it's not.  I just praise GOD that he is my VALENTINE and I am HIS....ALL THE TIME. 24/7....365 days a year.  When is the last time you told GOD you love HIM?  Well, just in case its been a minute...LETS TELL HIM right NOW....GOD, I LOVE YOU!! Your word says that if you love me, you will obey me.  So, Lord give me the strength, the courage, and the will to obey you everyday.  Hey GOD.....HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!

The New Hair Cut!

The New Hair Cut!
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