Monday, July 26, 2010

How did Hughy Lewis and the News Sing It???

I got a NEW DRUG!! Today I started a new chemotherapy drug.  Dont even ask me to pronounce it or spell it.  Well, come to think about it, it really isnt new to me.  I tried this particular drug in the very beginning of my first stage on accident.  The doctors prescribed it too early.  So, I know for a fact how my body will respond to it....FANTASTICALLY!!  Yep, I said it and therefore I believe it so that makes it true.  This will be my reality for 3 days.  That is how long I will be on this drug. This chemo drug is red so I call it the RED KOOL-AID. It helps my mind except it better and that helps my mind digest it smoothly.  Trust me it works.  So Mona Lisa, keep on trucking along and doing what God told you to do and everything will be alrite.  God Said It and I Believe IT!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

On My Way To A New Begining!!!

Ready....Set.....GO!!! Okay, August is right around the corner and I am gearing up for my new life in Dallas Texas.  This takes me back to the first time I moved to Austin.  I knew a few people but hit the ground running on finding a job and learning my way around.  Well, here we go again.  I know a few people, ready to hit the ground running finding my way in Dallas and meeting new people. I am excited and nervous all at the same time.  I do have a few last things to take care of here in Austin though.  I have two more Doctor Appointments to attend to receive a different type of chemo and then after that he is talking about giving me a chemo oral pill to take for I dont know how long.  Matters God is able and he said that all what I go through is to help someone else so I praise him for that.  Continue to keep the prayers coming people. God definitely hears them and he is having them FLOW my way.  My promise land awaits me!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Thinking Back....

I had a moment....or should I say some time to think back and look at what all GOD has brought me through thus far.  The first half of the year, I was going through my own roller coaster.  A diagnosis in January, Recovery in February, Living a totally different life in March and April, Started walking in the plan that God has for me in May and June, and now I am here in July getting ready to move to a new place to meet new people.  What a year so far!!  Before I climb out of my bed.... I say a prayer that God leads me and that I submit and do whatever he has me to do.  I don't have many pictures of all the things that I have went through but this is one I will never forget.  It humbles me and I don't ever want to forget how far God has brought me.  This is the infusion center where I was receiving chemotherapy everyday for 10 weeks.  What a memory....What a BREAKTHROUGH!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Hurray....Hurray...ITS MY LAST DAY!!!

Okay, I am so excited, I cant even contain myself!!!  Today is the LAST DAY OF IV CHEMO Treatments.  OMG!!! I am free from the IV!!! I still have two more sessions left but it is only a one day procedure.  I get to take the port out in September maybe even August.  Oh Man!!  I just want to take time out to Thank all the people who prayed and helped me through this situation.  I want to thank everyone who read and commented on the blog.  This blog was a release for me in many ways.  I am so Grateful.  For all of you who are still in the fight and maybe need a pick me up every now and then, I can only tell you what I did.... and it works......STAY THANKFUL, GRATEFUL, AND FULL OF JOY.  This helps in the rough times and its a real pick me up... when you are already on the mountain top.  Don't stop PRAISING GOD matter what is going on in your life.  Keep GOD first in all things and even when you fall short and you will.....dust yourself off and pick yourself up.  Repent and GOD will forgive you and wash you white as snow.  Believe that with everything you got.  I Love and Thank everyone.  This is not the end.....THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Home Stretch...

Alright...we are on the home stretch of this thing now!!  I am so happy!! I know that God is a good God not just because of what he has done for me but because of who HE is.  I have gone through 2 sessions of chemo.  This means 5 weeks every day except weekends receiving chemo.  All this without getting sick, nausea, headaches, and the list goes on.  My hair is growing back and everything.  I am starting to like it short though...LOL!  God knows the plan he has for us.  If the plan means going through the valley, he always gives you strength to endure.  He will never leave you nor forsake you.  When you think...."This is the worst thing that could happen to me"...just stop and say to yourself...."He chose ME to go through it and on top of that, he is holding my hand and sometimes even carrying me.  Sweet as Honey!!

The New Hair Cut!

The New Hair Cut!
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