Sunday, September 26, 2010

Back on TRACK....

Okay my fellow blogger and followers.  Yes, I have to admit, I got off track.  I was getting caught up in what I didn't have instead of what I have.  I know that sounds a little ridiculous and I have to agree.  After all of what God has blessed me with and through, I honestly was trippin on what I couldn't do and what I have yet to accomplish. God reminded me last night that...He Is Not Through With Me Yet....a matter of fact....HE JUST GOT STARTED!!  Everything and everybody who seems to be disappearing and appearing in my life is in his divine order. I cant do anything but appreciate the way HE does things because if it was up to me I wouldn't ever grow.  I like what I like and I don't like what I don't like and all the while God is saying Hate what I Hate and Love what I Love and it gets easier every time.  His yoke is easy and His burdens are light.  I know we read it and say it but do we really mean it.  Man, alright Lord....I am with you.  I get it.  What you have FOR me is FOR me and IT is the BEST FOR ME.  Gotta LOVE IT!! Father continue to bless the event coming up to honor your women that have conquered the storm called cancer.  Bless them and continue to use me to let them know that they are still the APPLE OF YOUR EYE!!! Thanks Lord for Reminding me of my purpose. AMEN!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Jammin TO GOD'S TEMPO!!!

Well, we had our event called S.A.S. Saturday in Austin Texas and it was a blast.  The rain scared away some people but it didn't stop others.  F.A.C.E.S was in the house and received love from everyone that was there.  God is truly a man of his word.  He told me that this would bring HIM glory and honor and it does...he also told me that I would bless people in the process and it does.  But what he didnt tell me is how much joy it would bring me while doing all the above.  You are AWESOME GOD!!!  Please stay tuned for the next event.  It is going to be a blast...maybe the biggest event yet by F.A.C.E.S.  For those of you who are maybe thinking or wondering how my health is doing....well, lets put it like this...check out the picture and go from there.  God has blessed me with a full recovery and now I am due another bone biopsy and get the port taken out. I will schedule those for this month hopefully to be complete by my birthday....OCTOBER 16th!!!  God Bless!

Friday, September 17, 2010

F.A.C.E.S.....If you dont know...Now you know!!!

Its about that time to buckle down and make F.A.C.E.S a nonprofit organization.  There is such a great need for what God has placed in my spirit to do for women who are surviving and conquering cancer.  I have a great journey ahead of me and I can see it being very fulfilling as well.  So, right now, all who read this post, I am praying that you send up a sincere one to the Father in heaven about increasing F.A.C.E.S staff and territory and that it be a blessing to all who reach out for help. And the F.A.C.E.S is able to help their families also. I also pray that I stay focused on the task before me and don't be distracted by the tricks of the enemy and that God surrounds me with people that love him and can help with their gifts, skills, and talents with joy.  This is going to be as big or bigger than any support group I know because it is focusing on the inner self and most importantly on what YOU believe what GOD has said in his word about you and WHO YOU ARE.  God Bless and Be joyful unto the Lord!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Sorry, its been too long since I've talked to you and told you about what has been happening in my life.  Well, first I had to sell all the stuff in my old apartment and I did that...except an entertainment center and my comfortable green couch.  So, I packed everything and looked around and needed help moving. So, I then started trying to get everything together in a day and a half.  Needless to say, I over did it a little.  I ended up in the hospital getting a blood transfusion because of losing too much blood.  I was doing too much moving and lifting on my own. So, when I got back from the hospital I started calling some friends to help me move.  A few showed up and did the job for me.  So I climbed in the Uhaul and headed to Dallas.  Got to Dallas and needed some people to help me unload.  My close family and dear friends in Dallas helped me unload and move in.  I couldn't stand looking at boxes and bags everywhere, so I set up my loft in a day and a half.  I know what your thinking...when is she gonna learn? Well, let me assure you once I finished, I think I slept for 2 days. So, since Sept 1st I have been mainly just adjusting to my new spot and getting some loose strings tied up.  Viva Dallas!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Time to Get to Work..

God has brought me a mighty long way and now its time to say thank you in the way he has made me to say it.  F.A.C.E.S the support group for women of color surviving cancer is now in FULL EFFECT!!! Today, I am on my way to making it a full blown non-profit organization and get the paper work lined up.  I am planning some big things to happen for the ladies out there that are waiting for this group to touch their lives in a magnificent way.  I am so excited to get started, I am up everyday thinking of new things to do.  When God gives you a purpose it is a burning desire and passion in you that aches to get out.  Its wonderful to finally have have a cause.  All these years it was about MonaLisa and now its about HIM!! That is a wonderful feeling.  I will keep you up-to-date on the progress of this FANTASTIC GROUP.  Keep us in your prayers and WATCH GOD MOVE!!!

The New Hair Cut!

The New Hair Cut!
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