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Hello My Fellow Bloggers

I am doing a documentary on my life in 2013.

The MakeOver Movement

Hello Fellow Bloggers!!!

The last I spoke to you we were electing our President which is by the way the same President we have had for the past 4 years.  Mr. President himself Barack Obama!!

Starting A New Life At 40!!

Living high and feeling free at 40! Yep, you guessed it... my birthday was October 16th and your girl turned 40 years old!! I am feeling good and feeling better than ever! My health is great and my attitude well you already know. LOL!!

New Opportunities Arising!!

Hello my fellow bloggers! I have great news to share with you.  I have the opportunity to talk and work on my dream.  If you have been following me then you know me.

Just ME!!!

A successful person loves their work and express themselves fully. Success is the ability to see a project in its completion. By praying together they stay together. The contemplation of divine ideals, the study of the Bible, the mutual agreement on a common purpose and plan, and the enjoyment of personal freedom bring about that harmonious marriage.  It brings that wedding bliss, that sense of oneness where the two become one.  Marriage to be real must first be on a spiritual basis. It mus be of the heart, and the heart is the chalice of love. Honesty, sincerity, kindness, and integrity are also forms of love.  I know there is an irresistible law of attraction and that I attract to me a man according to my belief.  I attract that which I feel to be true about myself. I know I can contribute to his peace and happiness.  I have to know that I am a partner. My husband is going to love my ideals, and I am going to love his. he does not want to make me over nor do I want to make him over. There will be mutual freedom and respect between us.

Nothing But The Blood

Well family, the big day is tomorrow.  I preach my first sermon.  My first speaking engagement proclaiming the word of GOD.  What a privelge. What a marvelous things to know that God has called you to preach his truth.  The body is nervous but the spirit is rejoicing.  I have spoken poetry, performed in one act plays, and even did dance performances, but never this.  Never stood in front of a group of people naked and wide open for them to see all my flaws. I will stand before them with only the truth of GOD and my testimony.  How he has brought me thus far.  How everything that has happened to me had to happen to bring me to this point in my life.  THIS VERY MOMENT was timed and caluculated by God to bring him the Glory.  What a wonderful and marvelous GOD. Please continue to pray for me. Pray that I continue to steadfast and be unmoveable in the word of GOD. AMEN.

The Last Stretch of 2015!!!!! today is Christmas Eve.  I have one out of the three sons to celebrate with on Christmas.  Thats what happens I guess when you have a son over seas and another that lives with his other half of the family.  The son that I have with me is 11 years old so he doesn't have a choice.  Lol

No seriously, I do miss the times when I have all my children together under one roof.  We were a FAMILY.  A real family unit with a wife, husband, kids, house, etc.  I was living the American Dream and didn't really know it.  You really don't notice anything really until you don't have it anymore.  You don't miss the water until the well runs dry kind of thing I guess.

I am happy

2016 IS ALMOST OVER.....

I cant believe 2016 is almost gone.  It seems like just yesterday when I wrote my last post.  Man, Well, when I really think about it, its been some good things and some not so good things happening in the year 2016.  But overall, IM STILL HERE!!  So that means IM NOT DONE YET.

So here we go 2017, Lets See What YOU GOT!!

The New Hair Cut!

The New Hair Cut!
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