Saturday, April 23, 2011

Nothing But The Blood...

Hello my good people.  Well folks tomorrow is the day of my first sermon.  I am so excited to share God's word to his people.  I am knowing now what my place is..where I stand...who I "REALLY"am in Christ.  A lot of times we think we know who we are until God shows us the real us in the mirror.  We are filthy rags without the blood of Jesus.  I am perfect in HIM.  I am beautiful and wonderfully made in him.  You might not like the way I talk.  You might not like the way I walk.  You might not like the way I look but in Christ I am made in God's image.  How awesome is THAT? I just want to give him all of me.  I want him to use me up.  I want him to use me just where I am and take me higher.  I love the fact that he takes us higher.  I am no body without him but I am everything with him.  Praise His Holy Name!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


..when God takes you through things that you ask for.  I know that doesn't make sense to you right now, but let me explain.  I pray for things like help me to do this or that and then before I know it, I am smack dab in the middle of exactly for what I prayed for.  Last month my focus was OBEDIENCE and I'm telling you....if everything came at me last month that could have caused me to go the other way.  You see, I prayed to be more obedient and God allowed me to be in circumstances that would make me be humble and obey his will and his word.  WOW!! So, this month I choose to focus on JOY and here we go.  It is only the 6th of the month and so far I have experienced things that could definitely steal ALL MY JOY if I allowed it.  But this is what I know. By the end of the month, I always end up stronger in that discipline that I choose to focus on.  Yep, you guessed by tomorrow I will be looking for JOY in everything...even when it causes me pain.  I CHOOSE JOY this MONTH.  Praise God on HIGH!!  See I'M SMILING ALREADY!

The New Hair Cut!

The New Hair Cut!
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